JIPXt Online Installation & Usage Guide

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JIPXt Online Installation & Usage Guide

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This online guide is to help you get to know how the program works. It gives you briefly the installation instructions and some common issues.

The guide also provide you with what JIPXt IP client update is all about.



JIPXt runs on any OS that is capable of running java. Today almost every OS have Java installed.



You need to have Java installed on your computer to be able to run JIPXt. Most computers have java already installed. If for some reasons you do not have  Java, please download it from http://www.java.com.

For Linux, Unix and Mac computers, it is recommended to use the update software program in your computer to download  and install Java.




Installation of JIPXt

The Guide describes how to install JIPXt on Windows, Linux, Mac, and any other OS that is capable of running Java.

First, download and extract JIPXt onto your computer if you have not already done so. The software can be run from any directory.




Mac OS

Any Other OS (OS2 eComstation , FreeB etc)


Getting started with JIPXt

Learn how to run JIPXt. Technical aspects and how it works.


Below is a snap shot of JIPXt main frame.When you first run JIPXt,  The "Set online/ offline"button is already

set to "offline". This is because the software will recognize that the IP number of your computer is not the same

and may assume the IP has changed. To prevent unnecessary update, that is why it is set to offline.