This page will help you get start with JIPXt faster.

tog_plusJIPXt Main Frame



Add Domain: Use this to add or register new domain.

Edit domain: Use this to edit an existing domain.

Delete domain: Use this to remove a domain.

Dock on train: This will dock/put the software on  task bar (if your OS supports this) . See running JIPXt above.

offline button: When you first start JIPXt. This button is set to offline. This is because the application will recognize there is an IP change and will try to do an update.

.                              Remember to set it online after configuration. Like wise this button should be set to "online" before deciding to run as a service or task.

Exit: this will exit the application.

tog_plusJIPXt Setup Tab

The first thing you see is the Status: this shows the state of the software.


tog_plusDomain Setup

This where you add or register for new domain to the database.

You must always select your dns service provider.

The MX is actually no big deal. If you don't want to use it don't bother.

tog_plusIP Setup

Allowing your dns server detect the IP you are updating from is recommended.

You can also let JIP send it along.

Remember to click on apply changes to save changes.

Refresh IP reset and query for current IP.


Selecting auto check for IP change is highly recommended.

Choose activate monthly update to prevent free domain services from being deleted . Some free  domains are deleted if no activity occurs in 30 days.

You can also choose to manually schedule when to check for IP change.

tog_plusEmail Notification

Activate email notification if you want to be notified whenever your IP changes. Any update information will be sent to your email.

This is very useful as you will receive the logs about what has happened.