About JIP



  * As the Internet becomes more available to almost everybody, web hosting becomes more and more popular. You do not have to own one of the big server machines in order to host your own. With your own PC, Mac or any other computer, you can host your own web server right from your living room, bedroom, kitchen or basement, using cable modem, dial up or broadband (DSL).
  * You can then control your own server. Make your own rules and share files, pictures or anything with your friends, families and/or business partners. Your web server could / would be recognized from your IP number. But your ISP providers keep changing your IP number from time to time. Which in turn you have to notify your users of your new IP number. To avoid memorizing all these strange (IP) numbers, and avoid also notifying your users all the time, you have to register with a dynamic service provider
  * The dynamic service providers can help give your computer a unique name (a domain name)and they will handle the IP problems. There are many dynamic service providers offering free and/or paid services to host your IP/Server name.Whenever your IP number changes you have to notify the dynamic service provider, by updating the database with your new IP, such that your web server will be up to date (with the current IP number).


With JIP Update you can update your IP at a DNS service provider automatically. Just install JIP, forget it and leave it to run. Works with all versions of windows, all Unix systems, all Mac, all Linux, all OS/2 and any operative system that is capable of running java.

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