You will need java runtime to run the software available on this site


JIP is the light weight of the update client. It was the first client written. Note that you can only register a maximum of two domains at the same time. It is a freeware with no limit. go download


JIPXt is the extended version of JIP. It has all the features of JIP and beyond. Note that You can run JIPXt as graphical, console or as a service/Daemon. The graphical and console actually is to help you configure easily and then later use JIPXt_Serv to run as a service or as console using minimal memory. JIPXt is a donate ware. -But you can still use it with some restrictions -> go download

Command Line (console)version here                                                     


This is a piece of utility software that lets you run JIPXt as a service/Daemon -> go download.

JHandy Server

This is also another light weight free product written to help those who need a small but powerful web server. -> go download


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