MPORTANT NOTICE                                                                                                                                            The software is under constant update. It is important that you register in order to receive immediate update notification. Moreover the  dyndns administrators may change response code and JIP has to be updated Clickᅠ here .If you do not find your answer here, do not hesitate to contact us. Use the feedback form or email (see contact page)


1. JIP will not run ?
See issue 2. Reinstall java runtime. If possible reinstall JIP

2. I run JIP always but has refused to run suddenly?
There may be several issues. This is common in MS  windows.
This normally happens when you install zip programs like ultimate Zip. This associate itself with all *.jar files and then refusing the Java virtual machine to take control. Just reinstall the jre and you are done. If possible  reinstall JIP.

3. Can the auto-update frame be closed automatically ?

Yes. Just enter setup and check the "close the auto update windows after update " This applies to JIP not JIP xt

4. Can JIP refuse to update ?
 JIP Xt could refuse to update; if your IP  has not changed and you still  forcing update. (It will warn you before granting you access due to abuse restrictions) JIPXt has a sort of blocking an abuse

5. During update,  I get a pop up window saying my password is not  correct. Even if it's correct.

 Again this is an issue of JIP not JIP Xt. This happens when you click on the save button. JIP  uses  encryption method to save your password. So when you enter into the setup  the next time, JIP loads the encrypted password. When you click on save, the  encrypted password is re-encrypted and saved.
It is adviceable to rewrite your password  whenever you want to click save. This problem does not apply to JIP Ext .

. I get this message that "Connectin Refused"
This happens when you have a program such as firewall
example Zone Alarm installed. Try to configure your firewall
program  to allow JIP access to the internet. Web base IP site administrators could also restrict internet traffic. But then JIP will try another site using backup URL.


1. Is JIP available in other Languages ?
Not at the moment. The German version and French are half  way.
If you would like to help with the translation into any language just send e-mail .

2. Can one configure JIP to handle more than two hosts ?
Not in JIP. JIPXt is capable of handling multiple domains. But you can run two JIP  instances at the same time to do the job.

3. Is there a command line (Cron) version ?

 You are not the first person to wonder of this. JIP does not have command line version . JIP Xt on the other hand has a command line version ( cron version) and is capable of running as a service in window.

4. I run dual OS Should I install JIP in each OS ?
 No. You don't need to. Just install “JIP for
all OS”  and it will function in either OS you are working in.

5. Why should I donate ?
show some appreciation. we have used a lot of resources and we only demand a little help to keep the group together. This will in turn not only yield a good JIP but, also a better JIP.

6. Will JIP remain Free ?

Yes. But if you find it useful please donate

8. Does JIP support Proxy ?
Only JIPXt .

9. Why is there no MX etc  configuration ?
This has been considered as an emergency update. So we assume all  these could be done by logging into the DNS service providers page and do it manually.

10. Do you have plans to include the ability to update multiple Dns Services at the same time  ?

 Yes JIPXt can handle multiple DNS services and unlimited domain

11. Do you have plans to include more DNS Services ?
Yes, as time permits. If you have  special DNS Service in mind, just drop inn an e-mail. All depends on the DNS Service Provider. Some DNS service providers are not interested in 3rd party software. So please check with the DNS Service Provider before contacting us.

12. Could you include a script to run JIP automatically on OS (like linux, unix , OS/2 etc ) boot?

Few people have  asked for this. We will do our best to get  better and working script.

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