Below are the current products/Projects we are working on.

JIP:You do not have to pay big box to host your home page. You can host your own page right on your computer. This is exactly what JIP helps you with.        JIP update client is a dynamic script that can update IP number at a Dynamic DNS Service Provider. JIP can update your IP automatically without you doing any hard work. Such that your computer’s IP number will always be pointing to the correct IP (detailed explanation )


JIPXt: JIPXt is the extended version of JIP. As the demand of features in ordinary JIP became more, JIP was extended to a professional version with the code name JIPXt. This is a donate ware but you can still use it with some restrictions. JIPXt can now be used as freeware with the ability to register only up to two domains and e-mail notifications disabled. To enjoy the full features you have to donate. Donation is only one time!


JHandy Server: This is another tool that can help you host your server right on your computer. This is a small portable package. Easy to install and use. Very stable and very secure. It does not use any CGI script or ever. It’s a small product to make the home user or the beguiner to intermediate easily install and use his computer as a server


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